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    • Order numbers: AM 63-010
      Hal Leonard # 4000175
    • Instrumentation: Symphony Orchestra
    • Duration: 9'30
    • Grade: 3+
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The Lord of the Rings (Excerpts) for Orchestra

Johan de Meij, arranged by Paul Lavender

Excerpts from Symphony no. 1
In this edition, Paul Lavender has masterfully condensed and arranged the symphony into a practical concert version, written at a level and instrumentation to work within the reach of most orchestras. This version includes optional cuts, allowing several performance lengths and options that enable you to give various performances of different length.

Performance possibilities
This edition is designed to offer several performance options (listed below). The score and player parts are carefully marked with A, B, C, etc. to accommodate each of these options. Please note that the longest version (9:30) does not include the section at letter D. Letter D is used for two of the shorter versions.

Duration  Excerpts Play Marked Sections
9:30 Gandalf, Shadowfax,Lothlórien, Journey in the Dark, Hobbits A B C E F G
(do not play letter D)
8:00 Gandalf, Shadowfax, Hobbits A D E F G
(do not play letters B and C)
6:30 Gandalf, Shadowfax, Hobbits (shorter) A D E G
(do not play letters B, C and F)
4:00 Gandalf A and B only (Bsn, B. Cl, Cello, Tuba, Timp, B.D; use “opt. Fine” for m. 123)