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    • Order numbers: AM 59-010
      Hal Leonard # 4000137
    • Instrumentation: wind orchestra
    • Duration: 8'20
    • Grade: 5
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The Red Tower

(from The Venetian Collection)
Johan de Meij
La Torre Rossa (The Red Tower) - Giorgio de Chirico

“Painting turns space into time, music turns time into space”
[Hugo von Hofmannstal]

THE RED TOWER by Johan de Meij was inspired by a painting of the same name [La Torre Rossa, 1913] by the Italian surrealistic painter Giorgio de Chirico [1888 - 1978]. The work forms the second movement of THE VENETIAN COLLECTION, an orchestral suite in which De Meij gives his musical impressions of four different paintings from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

THE RED TOWER was commissioned by the Banda Civica di Soncino [Italy]. One of the main towers of the ancient walls that surround the medieval town of Soncino, La rocca sforzesca, has a significant resemblance with the tower on De Chirico’s painting. De Meij constructed an exciting and warm-blooded work, based on a simple four-note motif, with lyric solo passages for bassoon, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone in the middle section.

The world premiere performance took place on September 23rd, 2000 in Sala Verdi in Milano, played by the Banda Civica di Soncino, conducted by the composer.

In November of that same year, THE RED TOWER was awarded 1st Prize in the International Composition Competition of OMAN.
The other movements of THE VENETIAN COLLECTION are based on VOICE OF SPACE by René Magritte, who was a great admirer of De Chirico, MAGIC GARDEN by Paul Klee and EMPIRE OF LIGHT by, again, René Magritte. All four paintings can be found in the Guggenheim Museum in Venice. Together with other outstanding museums in New-York, Bilbao and Berlin, this collection is part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, one of the largest private art collections in the world.

1. Piccolo [+ Flute III]
4. Flutes I
4. Flutes II [+ Alto Flute in G]
2. Oboes I/II
1. English Horn (F)
2. Bassoons I/II

1. Eb Clarinet
6. Bb Clarinet I
6. Bb Clarinet II
6. Bb Clarinet III
1. Eb Alto Clarinet
1. Bb Bass Clarinet

1. Bb Soprano Sax
2. Eb Alto Sax I
2. Eb Alto Sax II
2. Bb Tenor Sax
1. Eb Baritone Sax

1. F Horn I
1. F Horn II
1. F Horn III
1. F Horn IV

2. Bb Trumpet I
2. Bb Trumpet II
2. Bb Trumpet III
2. Bb Trumpet IV

2. Trombone I (C)
2. Trombone II (C)
2. Trombone III (C)
2. Baritone/Euphonium B.C. (C)
2. Baritone/Euphonium T.C. (Bb)
4. Basses (C)
1. String Bass

1. Timpani
4. Percussion I & II – Snare Drum, Bass Drum,
    Tam tam, Suspended Cymbal.
2. Mallets – Xylophone, Bells, Marimba,
    Tubular Bells.
1. Piano

Additional Parts [for European countries only]
1. Eb Horn I
1. Eb Horn II
1. Eb Horn III
1. Eb Horn IV

2. Bb Trombone I (T.C. & B.C.)
2. Bb Trombone II  (T.C. & B.C.)
2. Bb Trombone III  (T.C. & B.C.)
2. Bb Baritone/Euph. (B.C.)
2. Eb Bass Tuba  (T.C. & B.C.)
3. Bb Bass Tuba (T.C. & B.C.)