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    • Order numbers: AM 66-010
      Hal Leonard # 4000159
    • Instrumentation: Solo euphonium (trombone, tuba) and wind orchestra
    • Duration: 4'10
    • Grade: 3
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Søren Hyldgaard

Some would say that if one of your good friends is a tuba player, you’re in trouble. I say that if one of your good friends is a tuba player and called Jens Bjørn-Larsen, you’re really in trouble! Because writing for Jens Bjørn-Larsen, you’re writing for one the most exquisitely lyrical and technically agile tuba soloists around!

Bagatelle was written as an encore for a concert a few years ago in the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen. Jens Bjørn-Larsen was the soloist that evening, and I simply could not resist this opportunity to write a simple, haunting piece that would bring out the soft and mild-mannered side of Jens’ talent. Often playing in the alto register, he nearly makes the rotund tuba sing with an ethereal quality, not unlike a French horn playing lontano.

When my publisher cast his eyes on this piece it was suggested that it also be made available for euphonium and tenor trombone. First of all, there are not many performers like Jens Bjørn-Larsen, and there is a dire need for new, soloistic music for the solo euphonium and solo trombone.

So here it is. I hope you will enjoy it, even if it is a Bagatelle!

Copenhagen, Summer 2002

1. Solo Euphonium [bass clef C]
1.  Solo Euphonium [bass clef Bb]
1.  Solo Euphonium [treble clef Bb]

2. Piccolo I/II
8. Flutes I/II
2. Oboes I/II
1. English Horn (F)
2. Bassoons I/II

1. Eb Clarinet
6. Bb Clarinet I
6. Bb Clarinet II
6. Bb Clarinet III
1. Bb Bass Clarinet
4. Eb Alto Sax I/II
2. Bb Tenor Sax
1. Eb Baritone Sax

3. F Horn I/III
3. F Horn II/IV
2. Bb Cornet I
2. Bb Cornet II/III
4. Bb Trumpet I /II

4. Trombone I/II (C)
2. Trombone III (C)
2. Baritone/Euphonium B.C. (C)
2. Baritone/Euphonium T.C. (Bb)
4. Basses (C)
1. String Bass

1. Timpani
2. Percussion I – Gong, Sizzle Cymbal, Bells.
2. Percussion II – Vibraphone.
1. Harp

Additional Parts
[for European countries only]
2. Eb Horn I/III
2. Eb Horn II/IV
2. Bb Trombone I/II (T.C.)
2. Bb Trombone I/II (B.C.)
1. Bb Trombone III (T.C.)
1. Bb Trombone III (B.C.)

2. Bb Baritone/Euph. (B.C.)
1. Eb Bass Tuba  (T.C)
1. Eb Bass Tuba  (B.C)
1. Bb Bass Tuba  (T.C)
2. Bb Bass Tuba  (B.C)