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The Music of Søren Hyldgaard

Versatility is the keyword in describing the prolific musical talents of Søren Hyldgaard (born August 6th, 1962 in Copenhagen, Denmark). He is wearing at least three hats and seems just as comfortable juggling the nuts-and-bolt challenges of composing the seminal epic film score as he is writing for the concert hall - namely symphonic, chamber, concert bands and brass ensembles. After successes like the Hans Christian Andersen Suite and his Rapsodia Borealis for trombone and wind orchestra (also available for symphony orchestra), Søren continues his ties with Amstel Music with a new, major composition in 2012.

Despite his impressive and diverse output, Søren Hyldgaard is basically self-taught in music. A fact that most likely has conveyed the composer's liberal and versatile attitude towards the many styles and genres in contemporary music. As a composer of meditational ‘New Age' music, Søren has published a string of albums with the Scandinavian label Fønix Musik. With more than 125,000 copies sold, he has earned both Silver, Platinum and Double Discs for his classic new age album, ‘Flying Dreams'.

Søren Hyldgaard also has received a prestigious artistic acknowledgement award for his achievements in film scoring, presented to him by The San Diego Film Commission in Southern California. Hyldgaard has several European film award nominations to his name, including the Finnish National Film Academy's JUSSI Award as well as the Danish equivalent, the ‘Robert' Award. He won the Danish Film Academy's statuette for his moody film score for ‘Den eneste Ene' (‘The One and Only'). His films include the Oscar-nominated short ‘Når livet går sin vej' (1997). He got his Hollywood-debut with the thriller ‘Red' (2008), starring Brian Cox.

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  • Adam Hart i Sahara (1990)
  • Enken (1990
  • The Chaplin Puzzle (1992)
  • Den sidste færge (1993)
  • Mørkets øy (1997)
  • Når livet går sin vej (1997)
  • Ørnens øje (1997)
  • Poika ja ilves (1998)
  • Nattens engel (1998)
  • Den eneste ene (1999)
  • The Other Side (1999)
  • Pyrus på pletten (2000)
  • Hjælp, jeg er en fisk (2000)
  • Edderkoppen (2000)
  • Olsen Banden Junior (2001)
  • Bertram & Co (2002)
  • Ulvepigen Tinke (2002)
  • One Hell of a Christmas (2002)
  • Till Eulenspiegel (2003)
  • Dogville Confessions (2003)
  • Midsommer (2003)
  • American Short (2004)
  • Fakiren fra Bilbao (2004)
  • Forsvar (TV Series) (2004)
  • Nynne (2005)
  • Red (2008)
  • Ses (2008)
  • Den fremmede / The Stranger (2009)
  • Superbror (2009)


Hans Christian Andersen Suite
Marche Americana
Rapsodia Borealis
Surround Sound
The King’s March
Tivoli Festival Overture